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The best corporate tech observatory 



Our deep knowledge in the mining, energy, and technology sectors empowers us to discover and bring you the best world-class technology.

Thanks to our international presence in key technological hubs and our vast experience, we can provide customized solutions for your company that will unlock value and enhance your business goals.



We accelerate your business objectives with the best world-class technology while reducing both time and costs.

Cost Reductions
(less trips, less meetings)

More options to choose from
+ Faster Results


Our experience, 
your opportunity

We bring opportunities validated with our PEM seal, tailored to the specific needs of your company or industry.


All in one place

We give you a consolidated view where you can track and make contact all in one place. 

And if you want close support and recommendations in the execution,
we provide all our Punta El Monte services for a successful implementation.

Our Service

We designed a unique, precise, and customized system to search for the best technology in the world, that matches your business model, the needs and future plans of your company.

International presence

We have multiple representatives and PEM worldwide alliances that allow us to provide you with a global perspective.

We are present in the most relevant technology hubs around the world.

USA, Latam, Asia, Australia & Europe

Better together

Our support in the search, filtering, implementation, and monitoring of opportunities is continuous.

You decide when and for how long you need us.


Only 3 steps away from the solution you're seeking with the best world-class technology.

Our model is simple, personalized and effective.



We sign an NDA to protect the interests of your company and maintain trust and transparency at all times.


Deep Dive


We conduct interviews and analytical forms with your team to thoroughly understand the business needs and technological foundations.

Our service is supported by top-tier digital platforms & AI for the best experience.


Scouting & Filtering

With the gathered information, we commence our focused worldwide search for the best technology to address your needs.

Search conducted by experts in the mining,  energy and tech industries.

Presence in the main tech hubs around the world.

Profesional filtering that ensures precise information and the highest quality of options for you to choose from.


Execution Advisory

Technological Enablers

Once the technology that best fits your business model is chosen, we map out the enablers that make its execution possible.


We develop a High-Level Roadmap where you can see prioritized development milestones and estimated timelines.

Contct scanexp

ScaneXp in numbers 

Join the personalized PEM experience and find the results you're looking for.

 Industry Diversity


Our proven experience in diverse industries, including mining, logistics, airlines, retail, energy, finance, technology, the wine industry and more, provides us with an extensive network, valuable connections, and deep knowledge.

Global Network


Our presence in various countries and our international connections ensure a comprehensive coverage of the most relevant and innovative technologies.

Years of experience


With over 150 years of combined experience in senior roles within the energy, mining and tech industries, our team is equipped to provide the best filtering of opportunities and ensure quality in our services.

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We offer a monthly or annual subscription, that you can terminate whenever you choose, with a 30-day notice.

We're here for you,

for as long as you need.

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