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 Renewable Energy Projects 

 Green Hydrogen 

 Chile's gearing up to be a major player in the Green Hydrogen Industry, and we've got the know-how and experience to help steer you through this exponential industry growth. 

Time’s running out,

we are in a climate crisis.


A country with abundant renewable resources

The most powerful solar radiation on the planet is found in northern Chile.

Capacity factors of up to 37% can be
achieved in monofacial solar photovoltaic
plants with 1-axis tracking

Solar generation in the central part of Chile is already more competitive than

fossil-powered electricity generation.

This renewable potential is located close to large consumption centers, gas grids, and logistical hubs, such as ports and distribution centers

Winds in the far south end of the country are as strong inland as they are offshore.

120-meter-high wind turbines are able to achieve capacity factors of up to 75% on-shore.

Chile is poised to become the leading producer of Green H2

Exponential Industry Growth

In Chile, there are more than 41 Green Hydrogen projects across eight regions. 

Antofagasta represents 36% of the country's total with 15 projects, followed by Magallanes, which has 12 projects in the pipeline

chile puertos 2.png

Powerful Green H2 National Strategy

Favorable geographical conditions

Proximity of production points to maritime ports

Promoted industry and social returns

Hydrogen Valleys

Main Ports

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Know-how & Expertise

As Chile emerges as a significant contender in the Green Hydrogen Industry, our service is poised to provide comprehensive guidance and support.

Extensive industry network

Market Analisys

Key Accounts & Opportunity Assessment

Regulatory framework

& compliance.

Strategic planning & Technology implementation.


Green Hydrogen
for a sustainable future

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