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Green Hydrogen in chilean mining

The unique conditions of Chile's vast #MiningIndustry, particularly in the #AtacamaDesert with its dry and high-altitude locations, create unique opportunities for integrating #hydrogen technologies.


Mining sites are ideal for hydrogen production due to the coexistence of essential resources (solar energy, electricity, water, and infrastructure) and demand (trucks, electricity storage, and fuels).

Also, renewable hydrogen production consumes less than 1% of the water demand of a mining site, making it a marginal consumption.

The benefits of using hydrogen in mining are varied, among which the following stand out:

Potential Applications in Mining

Energy backup systems for remote mining areas, particularly for communication systems and isolated water extraction wells.

Dual-fuel hydrogen-diesel engines

for various vehicles, from light vehicles to heavy-duty trucks.

Fuel cell usage in passenger transportation

to and from mining sites.

Emission reduction in refinery furnaces

through the combined use of hydrogen and nitrogen.

Considerations for Hydrogen Use in Mining

  • Knowledge of technology, research, storage, transportation, and production.

  • Adherence to hydrogen standards (ISO), codes, and regulations.

  • Compliance with mining regulations and industry best practices.

  • Safety aspects, including hydrogen behavior in confined spaces, ventilation, and ignition in underground mining.

  • Risk assessment and mitigation.

  • Emergency response procedures and protocols.

Collaborative Development:

The successful implementation of these aspects requires a collaborative effort involving mining companies, project developers, application experts, government, and relevant institutions.

The horizon for green hydrogen in Chile looks promising. 

With the government's commitment, investor interest, and collaboration between the public and private sectors, a future is envisioned where green hydrogen plays a fundamental role in the sustainable transformation of the Chilean energy industry.

Source: Tecnologías del HIDRÓGENO y perspectivas para Chile, Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


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