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The world's eye is set on Hydrogen.

#Hydrogen is gaining global prominence as a potential solution for decarbonizing critical industries like #copper #mining and #steelmaking, aiming to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels. While a considerable effort is made to transition to #CleanEnergy and several clean hydrogen facilities exist #worldwide, they are not yet operating on a large scale.

Most clean hydrogen projects are currently in the early stages, with around 2,500 kilotonnes of projects either under construction or in the final stages, according to International Energy Agency data. An even more substantial number of projects, adding up to 48,000 kilotonnes of capacity, are in the earlier feasibility study stage. Most of the current projects, with a capacity exceeding 83,000 kilotonnes are in the conceptual stage.

The majority of projects in the feasibility study or final development stages are expected to come online before the end of 2030.

#Chile is poised to emerge as a leading global producer of #GreenH2, with 60 ongoing projects across eight regions by November #2023, making it one of the most active countries in this clean energy development. Antofagasta leads with 15 projects, representing 36% of the country's total, followed by Magallanes with 12 projects in the pipeline. 

Source H2Chile

Green hydrogen not only presents a sustainable solution for Chile but also positions the country as a leader in transitioning to a cleaner and more efficient future, the world's eye is set on Hydrogen.

In Punta El Monte we aim to fast-track the country’s transition to low-carbon operations, that is why we developed our Softlanding Program specially designed to accelerate the entry of innovative clean tech businesses into Chile and Latin America, with a focus on the sustainable and renewable energy, mining, and tech sectors.

Our extensive business know-how, experience in the industry and well-established network reduce risks and costs for your company.

As part of our Softlanding Program, we've recently incorporated Ohmium, a cutting-edge green hydrogen PEM electrolyzer company, into our initiative for market entry into the country.

Ohmium specializes in designing and commissioning reliable, cost-effective green hydrogen PEM electrolyzers, enhancing operational efficiency, sustainability, and economic viability for businesses.

Ohmium acts as your tech partner, providing a long-term service that ensures continuous monitoring and support to minimize costs and implementation risks.

With global demand for hydrogen set to soar, industries like steelmaking and mining are expected to become key clean-hydrogen customers in the coming decades.

Chile's geographical advantages, including its narrow territory, proximity of production points to maritime ports, and abundant solar and wind resources, position it as an ideal location for developing a thriving clean energy industry. 

The country's renewable potential, coupled with its proximity to consumption centers and logistical hubs, creates a perfect opportunity for growth in the clean energy sector.

It is expected that in the short term the first wave of projects will focus on domestic usage, such as Green Steel, Mining Processes, Ammonia for internal usage, Gas mixing and medium size trucks. 

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