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Why Australia? Synergies and challenge similarities with Chile.

At Punta El Monte, we believe that the #Energy transition will be accelerated by new #Energy and #Mining solutions, leveraged by #technology from all over the #World. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for #EmergingTechnologies and #CleanEnergy markets that can pose a true advance towards a #GreenerFuture.

“Australia has caught our eye for various reasons, one of them being the country’s synergies and challenge similarities with Chile in the energy transition. Driven by the new ESG guidelines, there is a strong tendency in mining and energy industries in Chile and Australia to incorporate technologies to propel changes in its operational strategies in order to strengthen operational continuity, security, innovation, and community acceptance”, says Felipe Hödar, Punta El Monte’s Director in Australia.

The Australian renewable industry is growing yearly. 

Innovation through new technologies and energy solutions based on the use of non-conventional #RenewableEnergy and complements like #Batteries or #GreenHydrogen (H2) would allow the industry to lead #worldwide initiatives. Currently, the country’s hydrogen investment pipeline of AUD 230-300 billion represents about 40% of all global renewable hydrogen projects announced to date.

The collaboration between #Chile and #Australia in leveraging new energy solutions, such as #GreenHydrogenTechnology and #BESS, presents a significant opportunity to lead the #GlobalEnergyTransition. By sharing innovations and strategies, both countries can enhance their renewable energy capabilities, reduce #CarbonEmissions, and set a benchmark for #SustainablePractices in the #mining and #steel industries.

AU Context & Highlights

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, #EnergySecurity concerns were heightened, and governments have been intensifying their support for renewable energy, aiming to enhance domestic production.

As part of its Regional Hydrogen Hubs program, the federal government is investing more than AUD 500 million to back the development of seven regional hydrogen hubs across Australia, along with additional funding from several state governments.

Hydrogen projects in Australia as of April 27, 2024.

Source: Geoscience Australia, © Commonwealth of Australia.

If you want to know more about the current state of the green hydrogen industry and ongoing projects in Australia, we recommend these resources:

  1. Hydrogen projects map: This map provides a snapshot of Australia’s hydrogen projects as included in the Industry–active page under the Projects menu.

The projects featured in the interactive map can be filtered by End Use, Status and Company.

Source: This map is provided by CSIRO HyResource in collaboration with the Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

2. Projects spreadsheet: This dataset is updated with relevant project information as of 27 May 2024.

Source: HyResource, Projects Spreadsheet Clean (27-05-24)

Chile and Australia are developing and implementing several initiatives to promote green hydrogen projects, with focus on mining, green iron and steel to decarbonize energy intensive industries. In fact, one of the objectives set in Australia’s national hydrogen strategy is to establish a position “among the top three exporters of hydrogen to Asian markets.”

Felipe Hödar

PEM Director Australia

Board member ALABC and ALAYP | Managing Director Balance Energy Group


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